Business Process Management (Software)

Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline, a practice, something that you do that puts in place efficient and optimised activity flows to support your business growth and efficiency. BPM is all about improving processes, but not just in small easily identifiable areas, it needs to encompas the big-picture or in PBM speak "end-to-end view".


BPMss - BPM Support Software


We create business process support software and data integration to help BP managers put in place connected and efficient business activity flows so that the company can support growth and deliver better service to end customers.



BPM in practice


Typically, the founder and/or operations manager of any sucessful business has build and refined their business process over the years to make it more efficient for their business stage, i.e. they have carried out sucessfull BPM. However at some point, it often occurs that a business process designed for a small enterprise has many manual, semi-automated and disconnected elements that can cause serious admin overheads as the business begins to expand and grow.


The manager of course, has a vision of how he would like to operate, and where the bottlenecks are, but the level of technology, IT systems or integration capability at hand are inadequate to fullfil the vision. It's time to start down the road at looking at re-Modelling and some Automation.



Where do we come in?


Simply we can look at data Integration and methods to automate manual and semi-manual processes to create integrated and connected business flows. We embed ourselves with our clients to understand all interrelated business activities which holistically cooperate to full fill their business objectives and identify critical areas where software automation can have a maximum impact at delivering process efficiency. We then work with the manager to reengineer their existing processes to take advantage of data integration and deploy business software with the minimum disruption.



Working with management to analyse existing business process and BPM and to create software to automatically connect as many business flows as possible and create an ERP systems to facilitate growth and efficiency across the company activities.


We searched high and low for an off-the-shelf software product we could use to bring together our manual and semi-manual business processes into a coherent system to support our business growth ambitions. In all cases, from the top level ERP systems down to more rudimentary BPM solutions we felt that we would have to alter how we did things just to fit into the models supported by their software, and we experienced strong kick-back and/or high costs on any custom development. Fortunately for us, I had engaged Jeremiah and his team on another project and saw their capability and therefore decided to build from the ground up. Tackling first the simplest automation issues, we build module by module to now having a core BPM solution in place that has transformed how we do business. It was a tough decision to make, but the risk was worth it, and as each module came online huge efficiency benefit accrued. Obviously it is still a work in progress, but we have a partner in Jeremiah and his team that facilitates us fully and provides the level of responsive development and support that we need.