Why we use a framework for software development

A framework is not absolutely necessary to develop good software applications, however it is a tool/environment we employ to help us develop better quality code faster!

Better, because a framework provides us (and our customers) with the certainty that we are developing their application in full compliance with enterprise business practice, that it is structured, and that is both maintainable and upgradable.

Faster, because it allows us to save time by re-using generic modules in order to spend our time on custom requirements without being tied to the framework itself.



Investing in the task, not in the technology

Having a substantial code-base and a solid development framework already in place allows us to focus on customisation, building new components and on application testing; giving our customers solid, sustainable and high quality code. 


Guaranteed upgradability and maintenance

In the longer term, a framework ensures longevity of our applications. If a development agency uses only proprietary methods, then only that particular agency will be able to maintain and upgrade the application with ease. This is can lead to higher support costs in the long run.


On the other hand, the structure that a recognised framework provides for application development makes it possible to avoid this pitfall altogether and it gives any developer - whether they participated in its initial development or not – the ability to easily “adopt” an application, to maintain it over time and to upgrade it both quickly and efficiently as required.


Additionally bespoke applications developed by us are not limited to our Framework universe and they are natively interoperable with any other PHP library for even easier comfort and longterm sustainability.


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