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ROBE DESIGN are the leading manufacturer in Ireland of fitted sliding door wardrobes, with showrooms nationwide



The brief:- "We need a new minimalist website ASAP that is mobile friendly and that matches the branding of our new brochure. We are a busy company, with a minimum of time at the moment to add new pages for marketing purposes, however we want to be able to add new Slides and pages quickly without having to format images and text, so that Google can see new content going up regularly but that visitors to the website won't be able to directly access. (keeping our minimalist look intact)....and we don't want to loose any existing Google listings that we have built up over the last five years from our existing website"

So on the face of it, the new ROBEDESIGN website is a simple five page website that focusses visitors on (1) calling ROBEDESIGN and failing that (2) delivering their brochure to the visitor.  Under the bonnet however, ROBEDESIGN website is a search engine accessible multipage capable website with a full catalog of sliding door applications.  

We provided the client with a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) with simplified data entry facilities using code to auto-format and optimise for SEO purposes.  It take likerally two minutes to upload a new application (image and text) to continue building out their catalogue for SEO purposes.

To assist with minimising the Search Engine impact resulting from any new website launch, planning is the key. We cordinated the convertion of existing data to the new website retaining all legacy content and URLs such that continutiy could be maintained.


 Visit Website                  WWW.ROBEDESIGN.IE



Services Provided



Rapid Prototyping

Brand consistant



Responsive, mobile-friendly design


Back-Office CP & CMS


Content Database

Project Management

Dedicated project manager
Build Assistance & Deployment


Legacy Website Transition

Strategy & Planning

Data convertion

Data Transfer & Testing