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Elliott’s Foodservice/Cash & Carry is a family run and managed business established in 1961. Located in Dublin City Centre just 5 mins from St. Stephen Green on Camden Row just off Wexford St.


We worked with Elliotts to retain their strong online presence and give their website a new fresh look and feel with easy to use navigation and data display on both mobile and desktop.  A key element of this project was the integration of an efficient method of updating of their online product database from their in-house stock control system. 


Additional functionality was added to the online improve online ordering experience, as well as provision of a development path for the coming year to move toward full online ordering and account management.


One of the primary objectives of our work for Elliotts was to ensure that their exising listings in Google were not impacted negatively by the rollout of the new website and functionality.  A carefully planned audit of the existing website URL library was carried out and the build of the new website incorporated existing URLS where appropriate as well as creating a 301 redirect strategy for URLS that were deemed obselete. The audit also revealed technical SEO defecits in the old website build which were adressed by the new build and within seven day of launch ELLIOTS was enjoying a higer ranking position for the majority of its key target search phrases. 



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Services Provided



Use Case Analysis

Rapid Prototyping
Form building


Responsive, mobile-friendly design


Back-Office & CMS

Online Ordering

Product Database

Stock Control Integration



Project Management

Dedicated project manager
Build Assistance & Deployment