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Small to medium sized sports clubs can struggle with member dues collection, attendance & general record keeping (and within the EU,  GDPR compliance). With the launch of SUBSNINJA.COM, a web application designed specifically with a mobile phone user in mind, club owners and administrators have a small footprint, cost effective and acessible software tool that they can use in the club to track attendance, manage subs collection and help them run their clubs more efficiently..

"The main motivation for the development of this project resulted from a lack of financially viable solutions for small sports clubs to use."

While there are many service providers out there in sports club membership management, the smaller sports clubs are often not seen as an attractive prospect due to relatively low individual member numbers, small budgets, onboarding inertia and support costs.

Having a lot of experience developing web based membership management solutions for professional associations in Ireland and UK, the WDI team was a good fit as a development partner in this project to create a solution that could navigate technical barriers, simplify function to develop a good market fit and to build an MVP to allow the SUBSNINJA team to pilot a new service and support the rollout of SUBSNINJA.COM as a production ready service.

enterprise Ireland support project   new frontiers entrepreneurship support programAccepted on the Enterprise Ireland supported entrepreneurship "New Fontiers"  program the founder of SUBSNINJA.COM with the help of the WDI team was able to develop and deploy an MVP in six months under our lean-startup support programme and focus on business development and securing seed-investment.
for launch in 2020/21 


 The SUBSNINJA.COM project is featured in the top 100 Hot startups to watch by Business & fFinance / Enterprise Ireland and we look forward to working further with their team to grow, develop and support the platform over the coming years


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