Annual Conference Website


IACP (Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists)


Standalone Annual Conference Booking system (Reusable)


The brief as expressed :--  


"Our main website  you build for us at WWW.IACP.IE has homogenous event booking integrated sucessfully and we are very happy with this for our routine events. However our Annual Conference is a multiday event that has changing requirements,  complex ordering options and preferences year to year. We therefore need something more substantial to help us promote and sell this event with all options,  with more control over form creation, with multi-ticket booking capability, integration to our membership managment system for validation, tighter integration to our CRM and CPD systems as well as a higher level of data collection / reporting to make the co-ordination of this important annual event as efficient and cost effective as possible. "



After some brief meetings with the event organisers, we broke down the operational tasks into a set of key functional requirements needed to streamline the efficiency of the ordering process. Dynamically controlled form presentation was specified to reduce user confusion, control data input and simplify choices and validation. Functionality was added to allow staff to create unlimited ticket types, discounts, pricing variations and combinations. Critical to the sucess of online sales would be a Mobile first approach to the design and layout.


NOTE: This website is only enabled / visible for a short period each year. Please see screen shots below for some key booking pages.




 Fig.1.  Home Page:  simplified layout prioritising the needs of the mobile user

Fig.2. Multi-ticket ordering form with ticket options. Dynamic validation.


Fig.3. Ticket Basket view.



Thanks to Jeremiah and his staff we now have a great reusable online tool that has removed a huge amount of the pre and post admin overhead from our staff and with the additional metrics now available we can place accurate orders for supplies and facilities keeping costs tightly under control. The high focus on usability led by Jeremiah has resulted in a huge reduction in telephone queries from delegates and has resulted in faster ticket sales and revenue collection.

Services Provided 


Strategy and Data

Business Analysis
User Journey Mapping
Rapid Prototyping
Specification Definition



Information Architecture
User Testing


Dynamic Form control
eCommerce Integration

Multi-ticket ordering

CRM and CPD system integration
PCI Compliance

Form Creation / Editing controls

Early Bird discounting

Combination discounting

Facility data collation



Resonsive Layout (Mobile)
User Testing


Project Management

Dedicated project team
Ongoing support and optimisation
Helpdesk support