Leverage the Underdog Spirit @ WDI

Our Competitors, what have they got?


A big team, lots of money, a strong brand, seemingly unlimited resources, panache, reputation, all that, portraying themselves as big players. You may see them everywhere. Their ads on your social, their name in the media, some big clients on their website.


But you know what else they got?


Bigger company bloat. Overflowing obligations. Narratives to uphold. Appearances to maintain. Entitlement. Too much overhead. They’re slow. They’re conservative. They talk too much. They’ve stopped taking risks. They’re resting on their laurels, gliding on their reputation, They're going to cost big.


What have we at WDI got?


Hunger, Drive, Grit, Scrappiness, Independence. We don't rest on our laurels

which is why we are more innovative and creative. We relish the underdog spirit. We can move quickly. We can adjust. We can adapt. We can get it done while they’re still stuck deciding what to do and slowing you down.


Small is not a stepping stone. Small is not less than. It’s greater than. It’s faster than. It’s better than. It's more efficient, it's cost effective, it's a big win.


We may not be the underdog forever.  But for now, it’s our magic wand.
Use it to your benefit.

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