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Golf Digest is one of the iconic golf news brands internationally, previously owned by Condenast now owned by Discovery Inc.

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Golf Digest Ireland Golf Digest Ireland for more than a decade produced the leading printed and online publications “Golf Digest Ireland”, “Golfing Magazine” and “Golfingweekly” and also operated one the most popular amateur golf tournaments in Ireland under the banner "Golf Digest Events".

"We need to make a big impact in the online golf news sector in Ireland to match our profile and presence in print media, so the UI design has to be clean and tight and the UX intuitive and fast.

Content submission and editorial control needs to be painless so that our staff can publish content that can be formatted easily and consistantly to a high standard without the need for a lot of technical training

Linton Walsh, Managing Director, Golf Digest Ireland



We worked with Golf Digest Ireland over ten years, and with every new project we repaid that loyalty by delivering a creative quality and technical execution that exceeded expectations.

That is our commitment to customers and one which we are obsessed about. It does two things for us... removes complacency, allows us to continue to offer technical and design advantage setting new benchmarks for ourselves and our clients.


The online publication 


Constructing a website around the need of news publishing agency is significantly different to that of a commercial marketing website.


With a strong focus on delivering content to users in a mobile context we still had to deliver an impressive desktop layout that supported strong commercial customer assessment.


By building GOLFDIGEST.IE from the ground up we were able to engineer seamless article submission functionality for journalist and editorial staff ensuring a fast production process.  We also built efficient operational functionality for editors and publication control as well as automatic image optimisation for efficient resource storage and delivery.

see below historical screen shot as an example for a progressive home (index) page layout where many different sections and content streams of an online magazine can be brough through to the front page to highlight the depth and diversity of avaialble content and interest



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 Screenshot (golfdigest Ireland website - home page). 


It took me a while to find the right web partner for us. The combination of design capability, software engineering expertise and understanding of the inbound golf tourism industry in Ireland got me interested.

The decision worked out well for us, as Jer and his team delivered from the start and remain a key resource for Golf Digest to leverage with our planned online initiatives.


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