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Many years developing online business solutions has given us experience integrating with many existing and legacy business systems to create fully connected end-to-end services for our customers.

We have integrated with many third party services such as: CRM systems, Payments Gateways, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Shopping Cart technologies, Competition Management Systems, Google API Services and much more. If it has an API we can integrate it.
Additionally we have built many reuseable solutions to common problems where off-the-shelf online solutions did not fit the bill. these can be reengineered to to meet your exact needs too.

Membership Management


Membership management can be an admin heavy task for professional associations and societies. We have a mature understanding of the needs of professional societies whether they be early stage or well established and offer tailored end-to-end integrated online software for many key operational functions from; membership application, membership managment, automated membership subscription billing, event booking, event ticketing, membership certificate generation and accounts integration. We generally integrate these solutions as a part of re-development of an Associations public facing website to provide a fully integrated and centralised solution that is hosted on the Internet.

Our Membership Management codebase is a library of reusable code that we configure and customise exactly to how our clients want it before it is deployed and adopted for their business.  


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Event Booking, Course Booking


Many of our customers have benefited greatly from adopting an online booking system for event/course reservations. Automated fuctionality avaialble to you can include the managment of:  ticket types, discounts to members, early bird discounting, quantity discounting, ticket quantity, waiting lists, full payment integration, barcoded ticket production, payment receipt production, booking reminders and more. Our solutions can be integrated easily with third party applications such as Salesforce, Sage etc.


Standalone Conference Booking


Conference management can be made significantly easier using our standalone Conference Management Application: Typically conferences can be more complex and require a substantial amount of admin over and above routine events. We have a customisable solution that is totally reusable, is standalone andcan be customised to your individual..

Features include: multiple ticket purchasing, ticket quantity setting, ticket types, member validation, early bird and quantity discounting, waiting list management, and barrcoded ticket production in PDF as an attachment.

Often critical to the efficient financial managment of these type of events is the collation of delegate preference data; i.e. special dietry requirements, spouse ticketing etc, so that accurate hospitality service ordering can take place with the venue provider. In one case we have functionality to Paper submission online which further provides additional admin savings to organisers..


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Custom BPM & ERP Solutions


Custom BPMS and ERP solution building is an specislist skillset we offer. Starting from an  initial business analysis/consulting phase to building over time, piece by piece, fully integrated software systems that become the enabling technology that facilitates huge growth potential.  BPMS and ERP solution development is difficult and is often a daunting challenge to undertake for any organisation, even those with large IT budgets and well established businesses. However, whether you are a growing business or a larger organsisation bounded by your existing/legacy technology, we can take some of the pain out of the exercise, provide a phasesd development that adresses immediate bottleneck issues and provides a clear development path towards achieving a totally integrated business operations system.  


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Online Retail & Shopping Cart systems


Over the years many clients have selectd us simply from coming across retail websites that we have build for other customers. Online retail is a huge growth industry in business and it's difficult to differentiate one solution from another.

Our calim to fame tackles a few key areas where we feel we provide capability that makes a difference.  


(1) THE LOOK & FEEL: We take considerable time analysising best in breed so that we are aware of design trends, new methods, functions and features that drive customer engagement.


(2) CHECKOUT OPTIMISATION: We are experienced in optimising the path to sale, i.e. deploying as few steps to purchase completion as is technically possible with limits of our client payment gateway. i.e. we actively strive to build for the best solution NOT the most developmentaly convenient.  


(3) SYSTEMS INTEGRATION: Often the act of deploying an online retail website can add a huge layer of additional manual admin on an organisation. i.e. product entry, updating, price updating, currency management, order management, account data reporting etc. Where existing systems exists, we can integrate the online environment with existing systems to provide product updating via stock-control systems or POS systems, we can integrate with online acocunting systems to streamiline accounting data from from the retial environment.  


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Document Management


Document management is a key admin and regulatory requirement for some businesses. The task can be easily managed using software hosted on an Intranet or Secure Extranet. From simple online document managment for Field Sales or Field Technical Engineers to the regulatory requirements of Private hostitals where we have built secure and function specific solutions that are easily maintained and extended.



Concept, Wireframes, Storyboarding, Research, User Experience Design, Graphic Design, Template Development, Secure Intranet Deployment


Website design & build, Custom Pricing Calculators, Online Wholesale orders and Retail.


Creating a reusable standalone booking website for IACP annual conference with multiple ticket booking integrated with their CPD and CRM systems


Working with management to analyse existing business process and BPM and to create software to automatically connect as many business flows as possible and create an ERP systems to facilitate growth and efficiency across the company activities.

CASESTUDY IISF (Membership Management)

Full branding, Website design and development, Membership Management system and automated renewals processing


Website design & build and online shop with integrated eCommerce.


Brand Development, Website development, Integrated Membership Management, Membership application and renewals processing

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