Bing’s API is down, Copilot Dead Services connecting to the Bing API also are dead in the water. Building an OTT Platform MVP Building an OTT Minimum Viable Platform is an essential step in validating your idea and attracting investment. Online Casting fill-out forms for TV, Movies Using PWA technology and cloud hosting ensure Casting Application forms will perform well in high traffic calls. Lean Startup & MVP So you've spotted a problem that needs a solution and you think this might be the next big thing. How do you build quickly? Leverage the Underdog Spirit @ WDI We may not be the underdog forever. But for now, it’s our magic wand. Use it to your benefit. Honey Tokens The purpose of honey tokens is to serve as an early warning beacon, enabling organisations to detect potential security breaches more effectively. The Clinic For Well People TV Show TV Shows or Series can benefit from having an associated supporting website EU Commission welcomes political agreement on rules ensuring a safe and accountable online environment The EU Commission welcomes the swift political agreement reached today between the European Parliament and EU Member States on the proposal on the Digital Services Act (DSA), proposed by the Commission in December 2020. Inventor of the GIF image has died Stephen Wilhite, a computer scientist and the creator of the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) passed away on March 14. He was 74 years old. Online Newspapers, Magazines or Journals Build your own online news real-estate, develop and control your own publishing powerhouse. BI Project wins Web Excellence Award IRELAND.BASKETBALL recognized for prestigious web design award. Basketball Ireland (BI) Win at the Annual Web Excellence Awards Competition Best Web Design Companies in Ireland Our work and services were evaluated recently by the BESTINDUBLIN.COM project. Search Engine Optimisation & Promotion: a discussion Jer speaks to Joe Thambu shihan about how he manages SEO and SEP for TOMIKIAIKIDO.IE LEO/EI Trading Online Voucher & Trading Online Scheme Up to 90% in Government Grants for Companies to Develop eCommerce websites in response to COVID-19 crisis PSD2 Readyness / EU’s Payment Services Directive 2 The EU’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) came into force on September 14, bringing a set of responsibilities on companies processing credit/debit card payments online to strengthen security. SHOP LOCAL - Shopping Cart Website Design - Having your own mobile enabled online shop, retail website or e-commerce website will allow you to expand the service of your business and grow sales on a 24 × 7 x 365 basis. Help potential customers find "Irish Brands" and "Shop local" in Ireland, and encourage the Buy Irish trend. Why Quality Image content is important As modern retail websites are generating a larger proportion of sales revenue each year, we are learning more about shopper behaviour and their online expectations: Web Design in the Mobile age With more & more people accessing the web using smartphones the case to have a responsive website is made. User Interface (UI) Design If your software project or web application is lacking that professional look and feel, and/or is not intuitive to use, we can assist you to create the User Interface (MMI, HMI, GUI) you need. Payment Processing Whats the difference between Payment Gateways, Merchant accounts and Payment processors? Are you an SME without a web presence? 50% of offline SMEs have no intent to build, maintain and operate a website in the short term. Why is this? Digital Media Awards 2016 Winner TWINSTRANGERS.COM wins a DMA for best Brand/Company using digital for Vision Independant Productions Nominations now out for Web Awards 2016 This year we remembered to submit a few projects in time for consideration in the upcoming Web Awards. fingers crossed :) Professional Associations & Societies The dream of all association or society managers is to have a website that manages subscription payments, Event Booking/ticket purchase, Application processing with automated Certificate issuing, Members login allowing self-management of personal data, public register data, invoicing; as well as looking great and useable by user on a mobile. Why we use a framework for software development A framework is not absolutely necessary to develop good applications, however it is a tool we employ to help us develop better and faster! SaaS - Software as a Service SaaS (Software as a Service) is a popular business model for software developers today. It does require that vendors take on infrastructure responsibility to deliver the service, however by doing this vendors can offer an enhanced management service as part of their software service to clients. Logo Design & Branding Having a strong and effective logo, gives every venture a substantial marketing advantage by providing effective brand recognition. We often are tasked by our web design clients to create a new or tweak an existing logo to add a modern look. Start-up funds and incubators in Ireland Have an idea for a new business or perhaps you are an established SME with an innovative project that needs funding?