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The Irish Information Security Forum (IISF) was established primarily to improve the understanding and practice of Information Security within the Irish business computer user community.

The IISF has grown to be an important gathering place for security professionals and practitioners from a variety of organisations in Ireland.


As with a significant proportion of our new business leads, IISF came to us via referral. However we were just one of a number of leading agencies shortlisted for final consideration.


Aside from our reputation, a deciding factor was our proven experience and expertise in developing cost-effective software solutions for Professional Associations and Societies. Within a few hours of our meeting we had a proposal ready that took into account all requirements and offered additional cost saving functionality that could be included within budget and delivered within a framework that could be expanded as the needs of the organisation grew.


An example of admin saving functionality included in their project solution was automated renewals processing, wherein 30 days before each members renewal date, Invoices are automatically produced (as formatted PDFs) and attached to outgoing email reminders containing hashed and secure return URLs for payment. Upon successful payment, membership is automatically renewed and personalised membership certificates produced ( formatted PDF) and emailed by return to the member.


What was once a labour intensive manual process for the IISF, membership renewal is now a more efficient and easier to mange task, allowing the officers more time to concentrate on event planning and growing their membership. Additionalliy there were direct costs savings associated with the printing of paper certificates, their postage and associated admin. 



Professional Association/Society Manager?

If your Society or Association is still processing renewal payment manually, or organising events and ticket payments manually, give us a call. We can really help remove some of your major admin overheads, reduce significantly your operating costs and free up resources that could be used to drive membership and move your association/society onto the next level. 

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If you're involved in the admin or management of a professional organisation you would be hard pressed to find a web agency with the the same level of expertise and experience in online membership management.

Our expectations were high and Jeremiah and his team delivered. Within five weeks we were ready to launch our new website with automated admin functionality and tightly integrated eCommerce capability. Among other things, the WDI team were aware of and passionate about security, another important consideration for us, and I'm sure other associations holding personal data online.

Services Provided


Strategy and Data

Business Analysis
Business Mapping



Use CAse Analysis

Rapid Prototyping
Information Architecture


Logo & Brand Development
Responsive, mobile-friendly design
Asset Design
User Testing



Bespoke CMS

Membership Database system

Automated Renewal Processing


Payment Gateway Integration

Document Production

Report Generation


Project Management

Dedicated project manager
Direction: Content Production
Technical SEO

Build Assistance

Ongoing support and maintenance