Project Overview


The purpose of the SPADE initiative is to assist local unemployed people to successfully set up their own businesses.


We’ve been partnered with SPADE since 2007 and we continue to monitor performance based design improvements and new technologies to improve the effectiveness of their website as a key marketing, sales and customer support resource for their business.


Development keynotes include


  • New and improved navigation focussing on SPADE two main offerings of office space and food units to let for businesses.
  • Restructuring Services into a simpler hierarchy
  • A contemporary, mobile-friendly and responsive UI
  • Additional CMS controls and template types
  • Oversight and Direction of content production


 Visit Website                  WWW.SPADE.IE


Having a vendor that can deliver for you time and time again is a valuable asset, however, having a vendor that is relentless in it's improvement of services, knowledge and skill level is a confirmation in your initial decision and subsequent trust. We rely heavily on such vendors to make us look good and keep us on our toes. Thank you Sincerely, Jeremiah and team for delivering for us again.