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Dublin Tomiki Aikido (DTA) is a progressive Sports Club with a dojo in Tallaght, South Dublin offering a different approach to learning Aikido than that of more "traditional" schools. Dublin Tomiki Aikido offers evening Aikido classes to both children and adults and is the home to Ireland's Junior and Senior National Competitive Aikido Squads.

While the majority of not-for-profit sports clubs are not run as businesses, they still can adopt Internet marketing to ensure a regular inflow of new members. Aside from providing information about the club, a club website can do a lot to promote general interest in the art/sport across the wider community.

Like any modern small business website, a "mobile first" approach is a critical requirement for the UI design and layout. The primary target audience is busy parents (children's classes) and adults who will access the Internet predominately using a mobile device.


Secondly, but by no means less important, is an impressive desktop experience so that prospective members within the working environment or at home searching for evening classes can be wowed on bigger screens and easily discover additional content while browsing in more comfort.

A marketing strategy was discussed that highlighted communicatins the child friendly environment of the club implemented with carefully curated content (text & imagery) to reinforce this message and create a welcoming and informative online resource. Dynamic Facebook integration was implemented to provide a secondary resource for visitors to interact socially with the Club and it's wider community and also to leverage facebook as a conduit of additional traffic back to the website.


The final requirement, easy of maintenance, was implemented via an easy to use CMS to allow the club officers and administrators make updates quickly and easily and add new content over time.

SEO & Search Engine Promotion

Additionally DTA engaged WDI to put in place and cordinate a low-level SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEP (Search Engine Promotion) campaign for  the Dublin Tomiki Aikido website to get established in Google's Search index and on the road to having an "organic" listing on Page 1 for a list of initial key search phrases:-  

All new websites take a bit of time to get noticed and listed in Google for searches relating to their key activities. It's all the more difficult to get a good listing position when competing against legacy websites for popular search terms. However, with a bit of professional SEO and an active Search Engine Promotion campaign even small new websites can begin to see progress up the listings in as little as six months.


(using Google from tallaght, Co.Dublin)

click on a link below to run the search for yourself and check on current position

Tomiki Aikido    ( Position  1, Page 1)

Shodokan Aikido Ireland ( Position 1,2,3, Page 1)

Childrens Aikido Classes (Position 2,3 Page 1) 

Adult Aikido Classes (Position 1,2, Page 1) 

Aikido for kids (Position 1, Page 1)  

Aikido Dublin ( Position 4 , Page 1,)

Aikido Ireland ( Position 4 Page 1  )

Aikido Classes Dublin (Position 4, Page 1 )



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looking to connect with the wider aikido community in (Aikido in Ireland Group) Ireland?


With a tight budget in hand I went to look for a professional web agency to help me to promote Tomiki Aikido in Ireland as well as our Aikido Club in Dublin. From the start I felt that Jer and his team were a good fit as they took the time to understood clearly my objectives and proposed a complete solution, including providing me with the tools to take ownership of content management and search engine promotion after launch.

. We now have a branded website that looks great on small and big screens, is clearly focussed on our immediate marketing objectives and has an integrated back-office system that allows us to manage our online message. With the guidance received from WDI, I believe we are now masters of our own online destiny and already new members are discovering us online.

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