A social media phenomenon


Project Overview


With the TWINSTRANGERS concept going viral due to the reaction of YouTube users to their initial video challenge, Vision Independent Productions (VIP) needed an robust SaaS web application built to an accelerated schedule to meet the the intial demand created by a new Internet entertainment initiative to allow fans across the world to get in on the action.

Following the initial pilot video, where some staff members of VIP issued a Youtube video challenge to each other to see which of them could find a doppelganger first,  a number of follow-up videos were broadcast that sparked a minor YouTube phenomenon. Working with this theme,  VIP went to work documenting meet-ups, generating interest from the worlds media and accelerating interest to another level.

Working closely with VIP we created and engineered an online service to allow fans of the TWIN STRANGERS challenge to register and begin finding their own "Twin Strangers" within a simple and intuitive web based service.

After launch of the new online service (TWINSTRANGERS.NET), registered users jumped from approximately 60,000 to 900,000 within the first three months and continues to grow apace. (currently over 7M registered accounts)


A key part of our work for VIP included architecting and actively managing infrastructure that can web traffic generating 5000+ requests per second with peak registrations exceeding 500 a second (after each new video release).



Experience the TWINSTRANGERS vibe



The TWINSTRANGERS project recently scooped a Gold Award for VIP in Digital Media Awards and has continued to break new expectation with over 7 million registerd acconts and still climbing...


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