Ensuring website uptime after your website is launched

Website Hosting


Your website hosting infrastructure has a big influence on the performance of your website in both operation and search.


"The one thing that irritates users more than a slow site, is a site that's not responding. Moreover, it's often a disaster for the reputation of your service when this occurs."



Properly provisioned website hosting


Properly provisioned hosting infrastructure; hardware resources and bandwidth; (in combination with good design) is essential to ensure performance and service uptime. Website hosting services provisioned by us on your behalf (from trusted infrastructure partners) are located in Tier1 data centres. We choose website hosting infrastructure carefully for each project to ensure low latency for users and optimisation for search results in a target market.


Websites targeting users in Ireland are located in Irish Data Centres using an Irish IP address. Websites targeting users in the UK are hosted in datacentres in the UK as close to the primary market with local IP addresses for the same reason.


For special situations where there are diverse markets, an international focus and/or where sudden very large temporary surges in traffic may occur, we are experienced in provisioning elastic computing and edge cloud technologies such as Amazon AWS to rapidly deploy high performance hosting solutions that are scalable on demand.


While the website hosting services we provision on your behalf will be a little more expensive that the lowest commodity shared hosting services out there, we ensure that the hosting infrastructure we provision is suitable for your expected expected traffic load, is reliable and includes some provision for emergency support.


It is important to know that we do not seek reseller agreements with any hosting service partners and that we regularly monitor partner service quality to ensure that you get solid hosting service for your project.


The minimum standard shared hosting infrastrucutre that we provision for small business websites costs €180.00 per annum and is very reliable. Hosting configurations for more demanding projects are more expensive (not excessively) with costs increasing in line with the requirements of the individaul application.



Develop Software as a Service (SaaS) application using Web 2.0 technology to maximise user experience and interaction online.


Concept development, UI/UX Design, High traffic SaaS application development, Platform Architecture development, Deployment and Operational Support including new feature development and rollouts