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Since 2003 OTC has evolved from being a manufacturing test focused business to becoming a supplier of a wide range of very high quality electronic test and measurement systems across all areas of Industry and research. 


"We need a website whose function is focussed on providing potential clients information on the range of test and measurement products and systems that we supply/support as quickly and as intuitively as possible. In addition we need to be able to add new product ourselves with a minimum of technical fuss"



A Simple approach is often the best 


Using a minimalist design layout for the home page, our focus was to quickly present a product category list to visitors. Within two clicks a web visitor can be looking at a product detail page with enough information to satisfy themselves that they have found a supplier to meet their needs, and interact.

The internal product page design is also clean and simple, keeping distraction to a minimum, while providing easy-to-absorb information. The minimilast design theme of the website allowed us to simplify the CMS (Content Management System) for OTC allowing fast and easy uploading of content for new products.

All tools in the CMS, needed for data entry, were optimised to keep formatting of text/images easy.

Category index page layout is organised into columns with cynamic code added allowing OTC staff to upload images of various aspect ratios while keeping user experience controlled and clean.

Automating SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) configuration, further reduces admin overhead, ensuring that good SEO practice is maintained without direct OTC staff input.



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 Home page design / Layout
web design wholesale distributers dublin ireland


Product Section Index Page (Dynamic Layout)
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More Case Studies

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web design case studies dublin ireland


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Strategy and Data

Architecture selection

Framework selection

MVP specification



Use Case Analysis

Rapid Prototyping

Template Layout


Brand Development

Theme & Layout



Rapid Application Development

Product Database



Project Management

Dedicated project manager

Deployment responsibility
Technical SEO


Operations & Dev Support

Helpdesk Support

Service Delivery 



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